Anupama Drama TV Serial Cast, Plot, and Timing

Anupama Drama Introduction:

Star Plus has launched a new serial called Anupama which is being produced under the banner of Rajan Shahi Director’s Kit Productions.

The Anupama Online serial is based on the Marathi serial of star Parva whose name is “Aye Kacha Ki Karte”

This is the story of a Gujarati woman (Anupama) who has dedicated her life to her husband and children and family, but she does not value it.

She is overwhelmed by his simple demeanor and dedication to his work.

Actress Rupali Ganguly will play the lead role of Anupama.

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Timing of the serial:

This serial is telecast at 9:00 PM on its slot time.

Telecast Day:

 This serial is release on Monday to Friday.

Repeat telecast:

This show is repeated on Monday to Friday at 6:30 AM

Running Duration:

This serial takes 25 min.

Start Date:

Starting date of this serial was 13th July 2020.


Cast of Anupama:

  • Rupali Gangoli 

As a Anupamaa Shah

Vanraj’s wife.

  • Sudhanshu Pandey 

As Vanraj Shah 

Anupamaa’s husband

  • Madalsa Sharma

As Kavya

Gandhi Vanraj’s colleague and girlfriend, Anirudh’s wife.

  • Paras Kalnawt

As Samar Shah

Anupamaa and Vanraj’s younger son.

  • Aashish Mehrotra

As Paritosh “Toshu” Shah

Anupamaa and Vanraj’s elder son.

  • Nidhi Shah

As Kinjal Paritosh Shah

Pramod and Rakhi’s daughter

As Rakhi Dave

Pramod’s wife, mother of Kinjal and Paritosh’s mother-in-law.

  • Muskaan Bamne

As Paakhi “Sweety” Shah

Anupamaa and Vanraj’s daughter and sister of Paritosh and Samar shah.

  • Arvind Vaidya

As Hasmukh Shah

Vanraj and Dolly’s father

Story of Anupama serial:

Who is Anupama?

Anupama, a dedicated housewife, mother, and daughter-in-law love their family and take care of all their needs while ignoring their own needs. Because of this love and respect for her own family in her home, she realizes the bitter reality and leaves to live her life on her terms.

Anupama is often humiliated for being a simple housewife with an incomplete degree. This much famous serial of Star Plus Channel.

Vanraj and Kavya:

Her husband Vanraj has been in a secret relationship with his partner Kavya for the past eight years, who later felt insecure due to Anupama. Anupama won an art fire at Paki’s school and was offered a job as a cooking teacher.

Vanraj and Kavia sold their wedding book on the same day as their and Anupama’s wedding anniversary. However, Vanraj feels unable to reach Kaviya and instead remarries Anupama while Kaviya is betrayed. After Vanraj and Kaviya confessed their love and got close, Anupama shattered and fainted. After recovering from the trauma, she breaks off her relationship with Vanraj but hides the truth from her family. In collaboration with Devika, Anupama creates a virtual barrier between herself and Vanraj.

Kavia and Vanraj are planning a honeymoon at a resort. Coincidentally his family found about their case. Vanraj blames Anupama for his case but his family does not forgive him. The enraged Vanraj left the house and went with Kavya.

With Devika’s help, Anupama has regained her job as a kitchen teacher, while Vanraj’s job is at stake when the new CEO comes to her office. The Shah family has decided to host a grand wedding for Kinjal and Paritosh. At Leela’s insistence, Vanraj temporarily stayed with the kings to carry out his duties as a father. Rakhi manipulates Kavya to attend the wedding, where he creates a scene and slaps Anupama. In anger, Vanraj left with Kavya.

Vanraj and Kaviya had a heated argument during which an enraged Vanraj broke all ties with Kaviya before meeting him in a fatal accident. Vanraj recovered and will bring him back to Shah’s house.

While later ignorance makes Kavya restless. To stay close to her, she goes to her neighborhood, which makes Leila nervous. While living in Shah’s house, Vanraj starts making soft corners for Anupama. He tries to express his feelings but fails. Anupama then scolded Vanraj for forgetting his feelings for her and asked her to come back to him.

Kavya, on the other hand, has decided to give Inraj another chance in an attempt to get Vanraj back. Soon, Vanraj has decided to stay with Kaviya while Anupama has decided to divorce Vanraj. Vanraj is angry with the divorce notice sent by Anupama’s lawyer and Paki has decided to go with Vanraj and Kavia. Leela objected to Anupamaya divorcing her husband but Anupamaya did not change her decision.

On the other hand, When Anupama was teaching using gas in the new classroom, the whole class caught fire. All the schools and kings have praised her for saving all the children, but her happiness could not last if she were forced to apologize to the school for the breakout. She has received an ultimatum that if she refuses, Paki will be expelled from school. Anupama has since decided not to sign the apology to make the school children and the school administration realize their mistake. Anupama has managed to prove his innocence for which he has received an award.

Divorce Case of Vanraj and Anupama:

Court gave them a chance to live together so that they revisit their past life and good memories and have a chance to reconsider the decision once again that put them forward.

Later, Anupama and Vanraj decided to go with a friend to her mother’s place. On the next trip, they just spend time together. Vanraj and Anupama explored new dimensions of their relationship, friendship. Elsewhere, Nandini expresses her love for Samar, and they spend some romantic time together. When they come back from the tour, they face many problems with their children. Anupama and Vanraj return, Vanraj is disappointed. He has declared that he has struggled most of his life and deserves some respect and care from his family. Vanraj demands his legal rights to the house so that he becomes the sole owner of it. Anupama, who wanted to keep the peace of the house, handed over the property to Vanraj.

Vanraj and Anupama received a final notice from the court announcing that their divorce would be legalized in three days. So, they decide to end the relationship on a positive note. Pakhi plans a family picnic, but reuniting Vanraj and Anupama was his trick. It is learned that Anupamah and Vanraj are lodged in a resort outside the city due to unrest in the suburbs. They spend some relaxing time together and reminisce about all their memorable and bitter moments. Elsewhere, Kavya has revealed the truth about her divorce from Vanraj and Anupamama, with which she is dissatisfied.


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